Sanitrax Tech module

Sanitrax Tech module

The heart of the Sanitrax system is the Vacuum pump system. All modules are linked via hoses to the central tech module that can be located away from the toilets and ancillary modules. After vacuuming all waste to the central tech module, the pump macerates all of the waste and then pumps it to a sanitary sewer or holding tank that can be located up to 600 feet away. This creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety because there is never a big smelly service truck in front of the modules.

Let technology help you!

Sanitrax stands for Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions. Smart and sustainable sanitary solutions for large groups of users. Easy to transport, quick and easy to set up, easy to operate and maintain! 

The tech module is equipped with vacuum pumps which run autonomously. Sensors measure the vacuum levels in the waste piping system of all connected toilets and Sanitrax designed electronics fully operated the system. The techmoduel replaces the old fashioned pump truck which involved a lot of manual labour to empty the portapotties. 

Besides transporting the waste water away from the toilets the Tech module also is equipped with a professional water booster system which provides the connected toilets of fresh water to make them all flush nicely. 

Flushing with fresh water! Vacuuming all the waste and most of the odours out of the toilet stall resulting in a very hygienic toilet system!

To be of even further help, the Tech module is connected to our servers which provide a lot of useful data to our APP which can be used by you to check the status of the system and even remotely solve potential issues! 



Highlights & Benefits

  • Main component of total modular concept (toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers);
  • Enormous water savings due to unique flushing technology;
  • Remotely monitored by our APP;
  • Heavy duty design and sturdy construction;
  • Easy to operate and maintain;
  • Easy and cheap to transport, quick to deploy and scale;
  • Savings on operational costs (no need for pumping each toilet by service trucks);
  • No specific installation tools necessary.

Ideal for

  • Events and festivals;
  • Temporary construction sites;
  • Military missions;
  • Humanitarian aid programmes.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (wxdxh) in cm: 255 x 120 x 145 (transport and use)
  • Dimensions (wxdxh) in inches: 100.4 x 47.2 x 57.1(transport and use)
  • Weight: 1200 kg / 2,650 lbs
  • Transport: 26 modules on a 53’ trailer (depending on local regulations)
  • Power: 200/400/480V, 32/63AMP 
  • Water supply connection: 3/4" F Camlock
  • Waste water drainage connection: 2.5" M Camlock
  • Waste water system: Vacuum
  • Vacuum pressure in bar: -0.3 to -0.6
  • Vacuum pressure in psi: -4.3 to -8.7
  • Water pressure in bar: 3 to 5
  • Water pressure in psi: 40 to 90