Sanitrax Shower 1.0

Sanitrax Shower 1.0

When setting up event venues, festival grounds, temporary construction sites, military camps or temporary sites for the reception of refugees, shower units must be provided in most cases.

In addition to the optimal installation of the sanitary facilities, it’s particularly important that the modules can be thoroughly and quickly cleaned between uses. The attractive, sturdy and very easy-to-use Sanitrax showers are the ideal solution!

A very attractive and spacious mobile shower

Sanitrax stands for Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions. Smart and sustainable sanitary solutions for large groups of users. Easy to transport, quick and easy to set up, sustainable and easy to expand.

A module consists of three showers. The attractively designed, spacious showers provide complete privacy and sufficient light and ventilation. A cabinet is available for the dry and safe storage of clothing and valuables.

The showers are equipped with water-saving shower heads and come with LED lighting. Furthermore, the attractive design and luxurious finish really stand out. The combination of all these factors makes the Sanitrax Shower Module the most complete solution on the market. 

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  • Component of total modular concept (toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers);
  • Lots of privacy and storage options for valuables;
  • Easy and cheap to transport, quick to deploy and scale;
  • Unique combination of appealing design and sturdy construction;
  • Water-saving shower heads.

Ideal for

  • Events and festivals;
  • Temporary construction sites;
  • Military missions;
  • Humanitarian aid programmes.

Customer benefits

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable (water-saving shower heads, smart transportation, LED lighting);
  • Easy to clean;
  • Customisable (branding) and expandable due to modularity;
  • Quick to deploy and easy to transport;
  • No specific installation tools necessary.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (wxdxh) in cm: 255 x 120 x 145 (transport) or 235 (in use)
  • Dimensions (wxdxh) in inches: 100.4 x 47.2 x 57.1 or 92.52 (in use)
  • Weight: 750 kg / 1,650 lbs
  • Transport: 26 units (78 showers) on a 53’ trailer (depending on local regulations)
  • Power: 12V, 3W
  • Water supply connection: 5/4" M Camlock
  • Waste water drainage connection: 75 mm pipe
  • Waste water system: Gravity
  • Vacuum pressure in bar: -
  • Vacuum pressure in psi: -
  • Water pressure in bar: 3 to 5
  • Water pressure in psi: 40 to 90

Other features

  • Galvanised steel frame;
  • Fiberglass interior;
  • Includes clothes hook and cabinet to keep clothing dry.