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  • Looking for a way to outperform your competitors?
  • Looking for a flexible sanitary concept?
  • Looking for a durable return on investment in toilets?
  • Looking for a highly efficient way of transporting toilets?
  • Looking for the most environmentally friendly sanitary concept?
  • Looking for the most strongly constructed sanitary concept?
  • Looking for the most easy to deploy & clean sanitary concept?


YOU FOUND IT : Sanitrax is the answer.

Expand your market share with the new Sanitrax sanitary concept and offer; quality, hygiene, dutch design, and end user satisfaction to your customers!   


Sanitrax goes that extra mile

We’re also happy to help you get started. Just as you can expect from a quality brand such as Sanitrax and our large network of partners, we go to work on your question and deliver a detailed overall plan and a situation report. It’s easy to see why we’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the market for temporary sanitary solutions.

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