In today’s market of high volume temporary sanitation facilities, Sanitrax is standing out. Every day our engineers are working to improve our ‘Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions’ for organisers of events, festivals, temporary construction sites, military missions and humanitarian aid programs. With high customer satisfaction and experience in mind.



Clever thinking leads to better products. Our unique flush technology is saving up to 90% water. Our smart and modular design guarantees very economical transportation and, moreover, quick and easy installation. Since the drainage of wastewater is handled by vacuum it can even go upwards which provides very flexible setup configurations for the units on the location.

Event promoters can more efficiently use their worthy event ground with our units since the surface needed per toilet seat is way less than when toilet trailers/comfort stations are used. Also the stalls are almost on floor level so no need for dangerous situations when entering or leaving the trailers.

And how about our unique Sanitrax App to monitor and manage the on-site installations?

Sustainable & Reliable

Next to our proven vacuum flush technology (saving water, treatment costs and haulage) and economical transport (reducing emissions and transport costs) our toilets don’t use chemicals (environmental friendly). Also the smaller savings are realised by using LED-lights in all units.

Designed to last, the heavy duty galvanized steel frame offers a stable modular platform for our complete sanitary concept. From 3 toilets on a family event to 750 toilets and 500 urinals on a large scale outdoor event: Sanitrax has proven to handle the toughest challenges.

Sanitary Solutions

The modern and modular units stand out by comfort and design, delivering a great sanitation -and virtually odourless- experience. Extremely smooth interior walls and seamless flooring prevents dirt and waste from collecting and makes it the easiest to clean unit available today.

Besides all of these advantages, the units provides more setup flexibility over sanitary containers when installed onsite because of their size and scalability. And they don’t have to be cleaned/emptied by service trucks (no chemicals needed) which leads to huge savings in operational costs.

You don’t have to look any further.

Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions!

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